Trolling my spouse, rewatching Dune, women who are bosses

Day whatever, not even 8am, and I got a popup from Facebook about writing a misandrist comment, warning me about community standards. Whatever. Meta can’t handle my ~creative ~use of ~language.

Pray for my spouse, though. This person has been putting up with me for seventeen years. And I really sincerely do everything I can to disgust him. I mean, I tell him the most unnecessarily graphic bathroom stories, using my full vocabulary and imagination – and hand gestures! – trying to gross him out.

I can’t ever gross him out! He just stands there like “oh yeah” and offers sympathy if relevant. i’m like, “Did you just listen to the complete story that was EXTREMELY GRAPHIC about my bootyregion’s plight of the week?” or like “why doesn’t having my uterine cast wiggled in your face bother you?” and things like that.

This guy is unflappable! One of my love languages in the past was/has been annoying people. I’m not gonna pretend it’s an endearing quality. I’m a youngest child, I learned that negative attention is usually as good as positive attention, and I have really tried to grow out of this with everyone except my husband.

My world is a lifelong attempt to troll my husband into being grossed out, and he is such? a? good? sport? about? it? I think I get disgusting now and he’s just like “aww I love you too.” I just want to BOTHER him and he’s so UNBOTHERABLE and it makes it even more fun somehow.

(It also means that he has been at my side during the most disgusting hospital incidents and nurses praised him for the care he gave me, which is just so romantic. I really don’t deserve him.) (I’m gonna go fart on his office chair and then tell him I did it)


Having just rewatched Lynch’s Dune, I was absolutely astounded and delighted to read this overview of the half-screenplay Lynch wrote for its sequel. (Ars Technica)


I’m in the mood to just rewatch stuff, not try anything new, but watching The Blair Witch Project yesterday kinda felt like a rewatch even though it was fresh. Amusingly, Dredd was a rewatch I’ve seen a *lot* before, but not in a long time, so it almost felt new.

I sense I’m going to be going back and rewatching stuff from last year soon – maybe even things I’ve already reviewed. I think what I’ll do when I rewatch something I’ve already reviewed (and I don’t feel like I want to form a new take on it), I’ll probably just write a related essay, like I did with 9 to 5.


On order to flag articles I wanna comment upon in Sara Reads the Feed posts, I *usually* just star them in my RSS feed reader, then go back to examine them later. Lately I’ve been doing a thing where I star posts that catch my attention in a “this is the state of the country/world/whatever” way, and then I do not end up posting/commenting because I don’t wanna actually think about it. This paragraph stands in the place of an article about a mass shooter, American gun owning habits, the erosion of our already dreadful justice system, prisons desecrating human remains, worsening child labor rights, and similar unpleasant information.


On the bright side, surgeries for gender affirming care have a much higher satisfaction rate than any other surgery. (Assigned Media) Doctors would love to get some tips to help their patients with other procedures. This is actually, unsarcastically the future the gays want.


Ars Technica shares details about an exoplanet with a “lava hemisphere,” which might be the coolest and scariest two words stuck together ever.

Also from Ars Technica: You can now get “Those Games” by the guys who did Katamari’s remaster. Basically it’s the games in the mobile ads that look good, which you can never play, because the mobile games are not what they advertise. The Katamari remaster was one of my favs from last year so I do want this.


Kristen Stewart says she won’t do anything else until she finances the biopic she plans to direct. (Variety)

The way she talks about female storytelling piques my interest, though not without a knee-jerk urge to criticize. I’m feeling burned out on boss babes like Gerwig and Robbie. I don’t think Kristen Stewart is a neat comparison to them, though. Her queerness is something she can’t seem to hide to please the male gaze as much as the aforementioned women, and I just really sympathize with her awkward….everything. Maybe she’s a better comparison to Elizabeth Banks, who is a bit of a boss babe, but so messy that it’s interesting.

It’s actually really cool to see KStew growing into her own as an artist and looking at projects that let her express her matured sensibilities. Also I’m still completely in love with her and I want her poster to hang on my wall so I can practice kissing.


Lily Gladstone’s grace in handling complex conversations surrounding Killers of the Flower Moon is something to behold. (Variety) She just seems like a thoughtful, generous person, and it’s nice to see a grownup out and about on the awards trail.


Valve seems to be changing its stance on fan projects. (Engadget) They don’t want TF2 ported to Source 2 and they asked Portal 64 to cut it out. Bummer. My Valve-loving aspirational game developer 13yo is going to be really disappointed.


They’re removing the dam on the Klamath River. That’s gonna be a big change through the area, I think? (NPR)

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