Egregious is a boutique online magazine featuring eclectic content for hyper-specific interests, which is the pretentious way of saying that it’s a little site where we publish whatever shit tickles our fancy. These may include, but aren’t limited to, personal essays, memoir, political commentary, reviews, and general fuckery.

We are Sara Reine and Rory Hume: siblings, authors, and co-editors.

If you like our other work, you probably won’t like this site. We really double down on the weird.

Sara “SM” Reine is a New York Times Bestselling author of mythpunk urban fantasy romance novels. She is addicted to video games, especially Crusader Kings II, and has too many loud-mouth opinions about movies. She lives in Nevada with a small army of furry monsters. (pronouns: she/her)

You can find more information about the forty-plus novels in her urban fantasy world, The Descentverse, through her website.

She’s also way too chatty on Twitter, playing with her menagerie on Instagram, and only posts about new book releases on Facebook.

Rory Hume is a rainbow gay, cat whisperer, and concert swag addict. (pronouns: they/them)

You can find them on Twitter.