SRF 11: Stefon’s worst ideas, more stupid hair, the Scream shake-up continues

Boy I watched a lotta movies and wrote a lotta reviews yesterday.

  • Last Holiday was my genuine favorite. I cried happy tears and I don’t often do that. (Although I do cry a lot, generally.)
  • Single All the Way made me say AWWW out loud a lot and it was almost my favorite. Definitely wins for hottest love interest.
  • I truly did not expect to enjoy The Sweetest Thing so much, nor did I expect it to be so raunchy.
  • On the other hand, the new movie by Please Don’t Destroy was (warmly) just what I expected.

I don’t know if today is going to be like that because it’s American Thanksgiving.

I’m not sure I’ll actually be doing anything for American Thanksgiving. My in-laws typically cook for the holiday (very kindly) and I’m still not vaccinated for the year. I keep forgetting since I don’t usually leave the house. Since socializing and arguably the worst holiday ever are already not my favorite things, and I have a chronically low sense of obligation to extended family in regards to holidays, I might end up at home with more movies.

I feel sad kinda “skipping” Thanksgiving because it always sticks out as a special day, though, and the years blur together more as I age. I don’t like turkey. I don’t love socializing. The whole pilgrim thing is an offensively silly myth. My kids don’t enjoy it either, so I can’t enjoy them. Why should I feel sad? But I dooooo~


It’s good that everyone understands that I’m not the kind of wife/mom who has any interest whatsoever in spending all day preparing an elaborate harvest meal that everyone mostly eats out of habit.


Variety: Seth Meyers Details ‘Stefon’ Movie That Never Got Made

If they were going to approach it from the random comedy angle, then I’m glad they didn’t do it. Neither Hader nor Meyers (in this article) seem to understand that fans of Stefon didn’t just love him because Hader cracked. A whole lot of us were totally into Stefon hitting on Meyers and the little storyline the two of them played out casually (and! the! wedding!). A Stefon movie should have been a gay romcom about a wild partyboy who’s bad at his job but falls in love with this stuffy anchor type.

Killing Seth off at the beginning is a funny thought but definitely would have made me not care about the movie. James Franco? Oh dear.


Also from Variety: How Letterboxd Captured Young Moviegoers–and Martin Scorcese

I’m not a young moviegoer anymore, I guess, since I’m President Age, but I’m on Letterboxd and adore it. I can’t say the reason I adore it for the reason everyone else does, but: it’s a site that loves movies but puts the social discoverability secondary, or tertiary, meaning you can pretty much *only* see content from people you care about. It feels like Old Internet and it’s magical. I’ll be here as long as the vibe lasts.

Alsø alsø, Tim Burton says absolutely no revisiting “Nightmare Before Christmas.”


As a mom who loves her two irl offspring very dearly, this story about Zack & Cody from The Suite Life refusing to tell fatphobic jokes about their TV mom is so cute.

I’d be horrified that they were writing fat jokes about a pregnant actress, but that was pretty standard for the era, I’m afraid.


Publisher’s Weekly: Workers at Two More B&N Stores Vote to Unionize

Woo hoo!


Al Jazeera English: Four US-Canada crossings shut after blast at Rainbow bridge checkpoint

US/Canada checkpoints tend to be lowkey nothingburgers, so I was afraid this would turn into security theater.

But a more recent update was less worrying. I guess this was some horrible accident. My condolences to the couple in the car, who didn’t survive, and their family.


Video from AJE: Who is Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders?

Ugh. It’s yet another dude leading a localized iteration of the contemporary fascist movement who has stupid hair. From a post I made a few days ago:

I’m not insulting him for having stupid hair, to be clear; I’m saying that the modern fascist movement often has leaders with hair that differs from what is considered business appropriate. Trump’s hair is a distinctive feature, as was Boris Johnson’s.

This is one way that far-right leaders shoot for populist appeal. They aren’t like the guys in the system, so they’ll be able to change it. You can trust them! They have stupid hair!

This particular stupid-haired guy is leaning heavily on Islamophobia for his platform.


THR: Melissa Barrera Speaks Out After ‘Scream VII’ Firing: ‘I condemn hate’

“I believe a group of people are NOT their leadership, and that no governing body should be above criticism,” Barrera wrote Wednesday — a reference to posts she had written criticizing the Israeli government. “I pray day and night for no more deaths, for no more violence, and for peaceful co-existence. I will continue to speak out for those that need it most and continue to advocate for peace and safety, for human rights and freedom. Silence is not an option for me.”

The initial flutter around her firing was weird, but it feels clearer now that the studio has made a real bad decision.


From Psyche, I learned that the adult version of pedagogy is androgogy. Huh.

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