Some 2023 statistics off Sara’s Letterboxd

Earlier I ranked my top 10 movies from 2023, but here are a few other fun stats from my Letterboxd about the year’s movie-watching habits.

My first film watched was 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s funny because I ended the year thinking I was due a rewatch. Apparently I’m on an annual cycle with this one?

The last film I logged in 2023 was my second viewing of What Happens Later, which made me cry happily all over again.

Since I watched over 200 films, Letterboxd made note of some important milestones.

On the other hand, there were three movies that I rewatched more than others, logging each of them three times on Letterboxd.

  • Bottoms was one of my favorite movies of the year, and it had the most rewatchability. It really has that “I have to make xyz watch it now” factor.
  • I rewatched Nimona several times right when it came out because the queer and family-friendly message resonated, but it’s hard to watch movies with my kids at the same time. It’s in my top 10 for the year for sure.
  • Mandy was the dark horse of rewatches. I blasted through it three times early in the year when I was on a horror binge. The vibes are so absolute, it consumed me. I think I’m due to revisit it.

Comedy and romance ended up being the main genres of my year, with 114 and 74 films respectively logged. It’s no surprise. I really took off watching romcoms after Halloween.

That said, I gave the highest ratings on average to animated movies and action/adventure.

Since I have Letterboxd Pro, I have a lot of interesting statistics that aren’t worth recapping here, but probably very representative of my interests as a human being. Here’s a screenshot of one highlight. There’s a lotta words, so click to embiggen, or you can just go look at my stats on Letterboxd.

Basically I like movies that are very exciting, genre, and juvenile that have Meg Ryan in them. Maybe not all at once.

The last statistic on the page is one of the more interesting ones. It’s a list of popular 2023 movies I haven’t logged yet.

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is the first, and I don’t know if I’ll finish watching it until the sequel comes out. I found it pleasant to watch but it didn’t grab me the way the first one did. It’s hard to get invested knowing it’s got a cliffhanger, too.
  • Two movies are related to Attack on Titan, which is a cool property (I’ve read a couple manga and played the AoT Fortnite event) but I don’t plan to see the movies.
  • I have no desire to see the Eras Tour movie or Oppenheimer.
  • I’m still waffling on Pretty Things because the aesthetic is great but the story sounds awful.
  • I haven’t paid any attention to Past Lives or The Holdovers. I wonder if I should watch them?

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