creative Capitalization, disliking what you reap, and mid-budget victories

is gen z aging faster than millennials? I hadn’t thought so, but… (link to X with my apologies.)

i just thought they looked mature to me bc it’s fashionable to wear clothes/makeup that code older to my generation, while millennials dress young. i see so many gen z looking very well groomed with very mature makeup routines. gen z made Coastal Grandma a fashion. of course they code more mature, while a lotta millennials never aged out of jeans and a tee.

it feels to me like Gen Z had to be more mature because Millennials just kind of rolled over and culturally infantilized ourselves as a response to the structure/judgment of our parents. it was regressive for us to be sloppy; it’s regressive against us for gen z to be groomed.

also: gen z’s more cultivated appearance comes from a cultural era where their adolescences have been entirely online, as a brand, performing for other humans. their appearances may be cultivated for internet entertainment regardless of greater context. there’s upsides and downsides. i don’t think Gen Z got to be kids. that’s such a downside. but the upside is they’re actual grownups at grownup ages and they can probably run circles around millennials on almost everything except maybe navigating DOS. lol

that said, i think gen z actually is older than we actually give anyone credit. i often think of my 13yo as Gen Z but a lotta places list them as the first of Gen Alpha, which means that Gen Z is all older teens and adults having families now…

so gen z, if you’re tired of people talking about you, it’s almost over. millennials caught shit until a couple years ago and then they switched to you but they’ll switch to your little brothers next, don’t worry. duuuuust in the wiiiiind

(As evidenced by the creative punctuation and caps, the above commentary was also originally an X thread I posted. A reply pointed out that Gen Z started vaping young and suffered a lotta stress, so that could be a cause, and I can’t argue.)


I guess Katt Williams got under Dave Chappelle’s skin. (Variety) It’s telling that Chappelle’s reaction is to complain about the criticism broadly rather than engaging with the reason Williams chose to criticize him specifically.

I’m sure Chappelle is right that his story is very sympathetic; nothing that has happened to him justifies spreading hatred.

“Hurt people hurt people, but I am a hurt person that never hurt people, and he does it all the time: ‘Fuck this one, and fuck that one, and fuck this one,’” Chappelle said, impersonating Williams.

Yeah so basically we can’t expect Chappelle to change any time soon. He’s never hurt anyone in his life.


Mean Girls has “only” earned 50 million in theaters, but its budget was 36 million, so everyone is happy. (Variety) Are studios realizing we want mid-budget stuff in theaters again? That this was a long-time sustainable business model for good reason?


Since I’ve been doing some game design stuff, I found this Balloon Juice article on puzzle design really interesting.


Now this is quite a read. From Ars Technica: Convicted murderer, filesystem creator writes of regrets to Linux list


Netanyahu keeps saying exactly what he plans to do: He wants the Palestinian state to no longer exist. (NPR)


I’m disappointed that Comedy Central won’t be picking a new host for The Daily Show, mostly because Roy Wood Jr left the show for this reason. If Uncle Roy doesn’t like it, then I think it’s a terrible idea and they’re making the wrong choice.


A former NASA administrator is not impressed with contemporary commercial spaceflight standards. Hear hear. (Ars Technica)


Determined to ensure Indiana Jones continues being harvested for capital, we will be getting an Indiana Jones video game. (Engadget) Honestly, the game might be fine; I’m just two movies past wanting more from the franchise and sorta annoyed they keep going on with this.

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