Fated for Firelizards

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Ancient dragons need human riders to repopulate. Any volunteers?

Brenan McAiden’s first archaeological dig crumbles when she falls into the lap of a dragon. The entire drakkin race depends on Brenan becoming Cadok’s queen and rider. Only they can save the world from destruction of humanity’s creation…

This book is also available as an interactive novel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t this book on Google Play or Barnes & Noble?

Sorry, I forgot to upload to GP until this morning. (I’m out of practice publishing stuff.) B&N just takes a little while longer to get things listed. Check back tomorrow or the day after; it’ll be there ASAP.


I want this book in paperback!

I haven’t decided how to do the paperback yet. The interactive novel version of this book has loads of drawings in it (including some Rather Adult Illustrations), and I need to decide the best way to present those — or if I’m going to include them at all.

This is my way of saying “paperback is coming once I make some Executive Decisions; thank you for your patience.”


Are the illustrations in the ebook?

No, it would make the file size too big. Isn’t that wild? We have to worry about ebook file size? But we do! You can see them online if you read the interactive novel or you can wait for me to work out the paperback.


Does this take place in The Descentverse?

No, this is a totally separate thing. Just for fun.


Will there be a sequel?

Only if it sells a lot. I know that’s a cynical response, but my personal rule right now is writing books that I WANT to write. I have several other projects in the queue. If I see that lots of people want it, then sure, I will sideline everything else. Otherwise I’m gonna be totally selfish and work on the next thing.


What is the next thing?

Contemporary romance? I think? I have one that’s all finished, but I’ve been hiding it for a couple of years because, idk, I’m a crazy person.